Cycle 4 St. Joe's 2020

Team Family Medicine

Thank you for visiting the Cycle for St. Joe’s Team Family Medicine page!

St. Joe’s is the community hospital for the west end, serving a diverse and growing population. Our department serves many from this neighbourhood and beyond, including young families, the elderly and a significant proportion suffering from addictions and mental illness.

We are a dynamic team of family physicians, family medicine residents, inter-professional health providers and administrative staff who are passionate about serving the mission of St. Joe’s. In addition to primary care, we offer expertise in low risk obstetrics, addictions medicine and palliative care. We also continue to expand our home visit program

With the outbreak of Covid-19, our world has changed dramatically. Covid-19 has required us to revisit the care we provide, at every step of the way, from the moment a patient first calls us to long after they have left our department. It has also exposed the dramatic inequities that exist within the population we serve - those in unstable socio-economic situations are more likely to have experienced adverse health outcomes during this time.

Your contributions last year were used to augment our Patient Compassion Fund and replace old office chairs that did not meet infection control standards with those that did. Thank you, sincerely.

We ask you to consider donating to Cycle for St. Joe’s this year so that we can maintain our Patient Compassion Fund and continually improve the care we provide by harnessing the latest in technology and medicine.

You may make a donation by clicking on the “Donate” bar. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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