Cycle 4 St. Joe's 2020

Training Wheels

Charlie and Archie believe in Super Heroes!

But, just not the ones who wear capes. This year they want to peddle their bikes, to support the super heroes who are wearing a lot more PPE. 

On September 20th, Charlie and Archie will participate in the Cycle 4 St. Joe's virtually at their west-end playground. They intend on doing a MILLION twenty metre loops. Strava might not be happy with how this will affect their route suggestions. 

They want to raise funds for emergency care at St. Joe's, to double the Emergency Department capacity to keep patients safe. COVID-19 has accelerated plans to expand this community vital space and equip it with new technology. This will be the first post COVID-19 Emergency Department in the GTA so it will have new treatment areas, zones that ensure social distancing, and a separate Kids' Emergency with child-friendly touches. 
Above is a highlight of all the amazing things a donation could do support our super heroes. 
Thank-you ! 

Charlie and Archie 

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