Cycle 4 St. Joe's 2021

Family Matters


Join us on Sunday, September 26th and Cycle 4 St. Joe's. Together we'll ride under the Family Medicine Team’s banner “Family Matters.” This year we celebrate 100 years of care in our community at St. Joe's!!


Our families change over time, and our St. Joe’s Family wants to continue to support you and your family through those changes. 

Your support of “Family Matters” will help raise funds for our Patient Care Experience Fund. Through this fund our Family Medicine Team will continue to provide timely and meaningful help to our patients requiring services not covered by OHIP (e.g. preventative vaccines and basic medication); our socially isolated patients (e.g. paying for vet care for emotional support pets), our socially & economically compromised families (e.g.  small cake to celebrate triplets 1st year birthday), and our homebound frail seniors (e.g. buying a portable air conditioner unit for a small apartment in the summer).


The Patient Care Experience Fund will also help with enhancements to our clinical space–making it more welcoming, efficient and accessible for our patients and their families.  

St. Joe's is important to us because everyone living in the west end depends on having great care close to home. If you cannot join us, please feel free to make a donation to the “Family Matters” Team by clicking on the "Donate" icon. 

Thank you for helping St. Joe's keep the Promise for another 100 years!


Jane and Melissa

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