You won't believe the incredible riders who will be joining you on this ride.

cycle rider 1

Dr. Amr Elmaraghy

Years Involved: 10

Why I Ride: "The impact through Cycle4StJoes is essential to our west-end healthcare teams. Community donations help us acquire critical equipment and improve patient spaces – this is not covered by provincial funding.”

Mary Helen new cycle

Mary-Helen Kistner

Years Involved: 5

Why I Ride: "As a St.Joe's baby, I'm proud to continue to support my community hospital. St. Joe's has been there for me; I now need to be there for St.Joe's."

Peter Menikefs

Years Involved: 10

Why I Ride: "Participating in the Cycle is a gimme for me. It brings together my commitment to contributing to St. Joe's with my love of riding."

jackie 200x300 why i ride

Jackie Stokoe 

Years Involved: 10

Why I Ride: "I ride for Cycle4stjoes because as I age, I want to ensure that I will receive quality patient care close to home, now and in the years to come. And, I love to ride my bike!!"

peter 294

Peter Zissis 

Years Involved: 5

Why I Ride: "There was a moment when I needed some critical health care and St. Joe's was there for me. And so it is “because” of St. Joe’s that I can ride. And it is through this event each year that I can continue to thank St. Joe’s."

Rider Name

Years Involved: 5

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