Your Best Care Experience Just Got Better

Big changes are happening at St. Joes. Changes that will transform how we provide care for our community. Your generosity is opening five new spaces to ensure the best care experiences for our community. We’ve never had so many new facilities open in such a short time and they are all funded entirely by generous donors like you.

Look at what your donations are building for our community

An expanded Emergency Department

The first phase of Emergency Department redevelopment has been constructed and is equipped with the latest technology.

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Mental Health Short Stay and Transitional Age Youth Unit

A first-of-its-kind short-stay mental health unit for young adults is now open.

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Specialty High-risk Pregnancy Clinic

This new enhanced clinic provides an essential service to patients with high-risk pregnancies.

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The Lake house Palliative Care centre

Our new Lake House Palliative Care Centre, with its cozy, cottage-inspired finishes overlooking Lake Ontario, will be the finest palliative care unit in the city.

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Breast Cancer

The Geoffrey H. Wood Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment

A new Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment will open in early 2023, designed to be a one-stop visit for women at every stage of the breast cancer journey.

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Exciting transformations are taking place at St. Joe’s that will impact our community and ensure the best experiences for you and your loved ones. There is so much to be excited about, look at the impact your gifts are having at St. Joe’s. And this is just the beginning. We need your support now and in the future for the largest transformation ever.

Donate today to support St. Joe’s and make your best care experiences even better.

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