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Can my children participate?

Yes! There will be a family friendly ride at this year’s 10th Anniversary Cycle 4 St. Joe’s. You can choose to ride as a family or have your kids come to cheer you on at the finish line.

Is there a virtual option?

Not this year. We are planning to have an in-person event at the Mattamy Veledrome in Milton like we’ve done in years past. Due to COVID restrictions, we had a virtual ride for the last two years, but expect to be back in person this year.

What should I do to prepare?

You should get both yourself and your bike ready for the ride. The ride is a challenge so we suggest you participate in some of our training rides so you know what to expect on ride day. You want to work yourself up to being able to log those kilometres so you are not feeling overwhelmed on September 25th. We also encourage you to get your bike checked before the ride and to make sure you have the right gear—bike shorts, a helmet, and an emergency kit are great items to have with you. Watch for more details on how to prepare as we get closer to ride day and you will also receive information on the training rides once the nice weather is back.

Is the minimum mandatory?

For the 10th Anniversary of Cycle for St. Joe’s, like many similar events, we are implementing a minimum fundraising goal. As we phase in this new practice, meeting the target is not a prerequisite to participating in the Cycle event on September 25th in 2022 but will be enforced in future years. Every dollar counts and we appreciate all your efforts to help support St. Joe’s in keeping the Promise to meet the healthcare needs of our west-end community.

What is the last day to register and to receive donations?

Participants can register up to the day of the event. This said we continue to accept and collect all donations after the event takes place as well. Please check out our fundraising tips for best practices. Remember, just like your cycle training, fundraising is successful when you start early and follow up. Thanks again for participating and we look forward to seeing you on September 25th.

How do I personalize my Cycle 4 St. Joe’s fundraising page?

Fundraising securely online has never been made easier. When you register to Cycle 4 St. Joe’s, you automatically are given a personal fundraising page in the participant centre. You can customize your fundraising page with your personal message and photo by following some easy instructions found in the Social Media Toolkit.

Now that your Cycle 4 St. Joe’s fundraising page is presenting the authentic you, you are ready to help raise awareness and funds to help St. Joe’s keep the promise. Please check out our Fundraising page to learn all the best practices to meet your goal.