When you fundraise for St. Joe’s, you are helping support three important priorities: building a new Emergency Department, funding mental health care, and purchasing new equipment and technology. Every dollar you raise, also means benefits for you! Check out this year’s incentives to get your fundraising in gear! 

10th Anniversary Ride Incentives

• Raise $500- $999 – Jersey A 

• Raise $1,000+ – Jersey and a gift card 

• Raise $5,000 – Jersey Platinum and a gift card of greater value


Fundraising Tips

Calling all team captains...

Check out some fundraising tips below to help you encourage your team go all the way in their fundraising. Plus, there are prizes for individual fundraisers as well as team fundraising prizes, so please continue to visit our fundraising page for incentive program updates and share with your team. Thanks for being a team captain, and good luck at mobilizing your team to win!

Who do you know?

Tell your team to gather their contact lists, both personal and work. Everyone needs to think through people they know through their kids, clubs, volunteering, dog-walking friends, neighbours, etc.

Use your social network

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all amazing ways to spread the word about your ride. Ask your team to post your team page with your team goals and progress. Ask your team to send out a call to action asking all followers to rally behind your team.

Make A Big Ask!

Encourage your team to ask. If they ask someone for $100, they might get $100, or maybe $75 or $50. Whatever the case it never hurts to set the bar high.

Remember Your Inspiration!

There’s a reason you are all supporting St. Joe’s. Be sure each team member includes a personal message about what St. Joe’s means to them. The more personal you can make it, the better.

Follow Up!

It’s very common for people to put things off. We all lead busy lives and have lots of other responsibilities on our plates. A little reminder never hurt anyone. Remind your team that if they know someone who has indicated that they want to donate, but hasn’t, that there is no harm in following-up with a phone call or reminder email. Remember, when the event nears and time is running out to fundraise, share your timeline - people respond to deadlines!

Send Thank You Notes!

It’s a simple thing to do, but produce powerful results. Say thank you to everyone who supports your ride. Send emails, post thank you messages on social media, and thank people in person.