Choose Your Own Adventure

Join us for Cycle 4 St. Joe’s on September 25th for our 10th - Anniversary ride.

There’s something for everyone! Check out the details below and pick a route that works best for you.

The Routes

Cycle 4 ST. Joe’s 10th - Anniversary routes are currently being established with our trusted partners. We are working on multiple length routes for all rider skill levels with unique rest stop experiences. The routes will be published here very shortly.

We are also in the process of producing some family-friendly routes to accommodate all skill levels and ages. These routes will utilize the neighbouring development close to the Velodrome and will feature a combination of multi-use bike paths or dedicated bike lanes.

Keep your eyes open for these exciting updates in your email, the Participant Centre, and social media channels. Until then, continue to build your team, keep training for your cycling distance, and fundraise from friends, family and neighbours to help St. Joe’s keep the Promise to meet the healthcare needs of our west-end community.

When you register to Cycle 4 St. Joe’s, you will also enjoy:

  • A complimentary pre-ride breakfast and BBQ lunch
  • Free parking
  • A free Bike safety check
  • A free cycling jersey when you raise $500 and more

Your Waiver

Everyone who rides must read and sign the waiver. Please bring this with you to registration when you arrive at the event.

See waiver

Rules of the Road

Please read the following rules of the road carefully before you Cycle 4 St. Joe’s. Your health and safety is important to us!

  • Please make sure that your bike is in good working order prior to the ride. Chain Reaction is once again, happy to provide on site mechanical support for last minute emergencies.
  • Please make sure that you bring a sufficient supply of any medications that you might be taking with you.
  • Please wear a helmet at ALL points in time during the ride. Please do not wear earbuds during the ride.
  • Ride to the right-most side of the road where it is safe to ride at all times.
  • Please ride single-file at all points in time.
  • Pass ONLY on the left-hand side of another rider.
  • If you are preparing to pass-by another rider, please announce “On your Left” so as to advise the rider of your pending pass.
  • Please moderate your speed when approaching an intersection or a turn and keep your hands covering your brake levers.
  • You are required to obey ALL traffic laws, stop signs and traffic signals at intersections unless instructed otherwise by police.
  • If you see another rider with an issue, please notify the next police officer or ride marshal that you see on-course.
  • Please remember this is a fun ride and not a race, all in support of St. Joe’s!

All registrants must read the waiver to participate in the ride on September 25th, 2022. Parents or legal guardians, please read with any minors.

Training Rides

Cycle 4 St. Joe’s is a challenge you need to be ready for. Ride 4 St. Joe’s cycling enthusiasts are organizing optional training rides to help prepare participants for their ride on September 25th. Keep checking back for details. You will also receive an email once training details and dates are confirmed.


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