Cycle 4 St Joes 2023

Team Miovision

Attention everyone! 

At Miovision, we know that citizens are starting to insist on less traffic, on-demand city services, and accessibility for all. Miovision helps shape this vision into reality.

At Miovision, we are committed to creating healthier, safer, and more sustainable cities and roadways. 

By supporting St. Joe's, we can ensure that everyone has access to the best healthcare possible.

So, 'we' are calling on all of you to join us in our efforts to make a real impact. Whether you can spare some time to pedal with us or make a donation by clicking on the "Donate" or "Join our team" bar, every contribution counts.

Let's work together to support our community and create a healthier and happier world. Thank you for your help!

Mike Duench

Vice President, Marketing


Mobile: 1-416-949-7077

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