Cycle 4 St Joes 2023

Team PwC & Friends


Thank you for stopping by. 

About 5 years ago, the doctors and nurses of St. Joe's took great care of me and saw me through the challenging times. Since then, as I speak with neighbours and friends in west end, I recognize how important role St. Joe's plays in people lives and it's strong connection with community. Over the past 5 years, I have come together with a few close friends and colleagues and been part of this great event. After raising a solid $19,500 last year, team PwC & Friends will be back this year with a renewed pledge from PwC Canada to match up to $10,000. This year's focus is to raise funds to support St. Joe’s important initiatives that includes: building a new Emergency Department along with a new mental health unit for young adults, as well as purchasing new equipment and technology.

There are multiple routes available to accommodate riders of all skill levels, so we hope to see you on the course. Please reach out if you need any additional information on ride and journey to get there. 

If you cannot join us, please consider making a donation by clicking on "Donate" bar once you click on a representing person of your choice from team roster on right. 

Thank you for supporting this important initiative. Together we hope to find a victory both for our team and for our community. 

Thank you,

Venu Gudipati

Team PwC & Friends

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