Cycle 4 St Joes 2023

Rapid Psyclers

Ride with us and ride for mental health as Cycle 4 St. Joes celebrates the 11th year of riding together!

As a mental health professional at St. Joes, I work with a team dedicated to ensuring optimal patient care experiences. Our patients inspire us and we want to support our patients in seeking the care they need. However, we recognize that this is tough for those experiencing marginalization, stigma and complex social needs. For this reason, we are riding to raise funds to better support the patient care experience and ability to prioritize health.

The Mental Health Care Experience Fund will be used to support patients accessing mental health services who are in need of additional support such as transportation to get to/from appointments, basic health and functional necessities for those who don’t have access to social assistance or have significant income limitations (e.g. dentures, glasses, etc.). Funds will also be used to support staff in activities that directly support patients in engaging in care and educational initiatives that improve staff capacity to deliver excellence in care.

We hope we can count on your support.

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