Cycle 4 St Joes 2023

Team Lemeza

Hello everyone from Team Lemeza (Michal and Kimberley),

This fall, we are cycling 4 St. Joe's and celebrating 10 years of this wonderful fundraising adventure to support St. Joe's in transforming the Emergency Department, funding vital mental health care, and purchasing much-needed new technology and equipment. 

St. Joe's is very important to us because if you are not already aware, Michal Lemeza (my son) suffered both a dislocated ankle and multiple fractures of his right lower leg on February 27th. We were very blessed with the amazing medical intervention of St. Joseph's orthopedic team. Dr. Vincent was responsible for Michal's successful and in-depth orthopedic surgery and we are very excited to support the fundraising efforts to give back to St. Joseph's. This spring, Michal was not the only one that we know that has been affected by accidents which resulted in injuries and as a result, has either had orthopedic surgery or care with the outstanding team at St. Joseph's Fracture Clinic. Together, Michal and I will be riding to honor all those that are on their healing journey and we look forward to the next two months of training hard for the ride on September 24th. 

Please feel free to make a donation by clicking on the "Donate" bar on this page. We truly appreciate any amount of donation that you can give to Team Lemeza. Thank you for all your help and support as we prepare for this momentous day.

With gratitude,

Michal and Kimberley Lemeza

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